Tracy’s Map Testimonials 

Kauai Coffee Company

We love the map at the Kauai Coffee Company Visitor Center!   It's so easy to show our customers how to get around, and hits all the hot spots!

Poipu Bay Golf Clubhouse

We refill Tracy’s Map Brochure rack every morning.   We are proud to offer Tracy’s Maps, as everyone needs a map!    We give to all of our golfers and guests!   People love Tracy’s Maps!


Thank you for your map!   Our business is up significantly!   The only difference in our increase has to be your map, as that is the only thing we have included in our advertising.   We would highly recommend you and have!   Thanks again!

Pono Kai Resort

We at Pono Kai Resort are happy with Tracy’s Map as a business partner,  and will continue to print our personalized property map with her.   We’ve just received 6,000 reprinted copies of our property map, and find it of good quality which our guest’s like.    

We give a map as an informational piece for check-in guests, and we give to our Vacation International, and Global Vacation Club Owners.   

While we cannot quantify exactly the percentage of increase due to Tracy's Maps, however, our occupancy is 10% higher than last year, and room rental revenues are up $44,000, which is good news.   

The costs of printing the map, with Tracy's Map is very reasonable, and most of all, Tracy is committed to her MAP, and continues to upgrade her products.  

I greatly appreciate and enjoy working with each and everyone of you!   Mahalo nui loa, Tracy.